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Harvest Capital Group, founded in 2006, is an investment management firm specializing in global macro strategies and value investments. Our goals are capital preservation, above average returns over the long-term, and low correlation to the markets.

Since its inception, Harvest has proved that its investment strategies can generate consistent return and weather extreme market turbulence.

We build our portfolio through in-depth research, quantitative rigor, analytical evaluation and industry knowledge that is both broad and deep. The flexibility of having long and short exposure across different asset classes enables us to attempt to optimize performance across market cycles. In addition to its investment in public securities, Harvest manages private equity funds which focus on various sectors related to e-commerce, media and entertainment in Japan and the greater China region.

Our investment philosophies are simple, but powerful. We are value investors. Our principal goal is to protect and preserve our investors’ capital. We seek value in global financial markets to generate compounding above-average gains over the long-run.

Our Chairman, Daniel Chiang, and Vice Chairman, Morris Liu, are both extremely well respected entrepreneurs, as well as experienced investors. Under their leadership, Harvest shall continue to generate positive absolute returns for years to come.

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